Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Family Home Evening on Monday, we made gum for our activity. It was really fun! Let me just tell you though...that gum was so sickeningly sweet that I almost died. I got a belly ache and boy did my teeth hurt! I think there must have been at least 5 tbsp of powdered sugar, per piece of gum.

Still gross.

Cute. We didn't let Larkin make her own. She just chewed a piece of bubble gum from the pantry. She had fun pretending to make her own. She would dip it in powdered sugar and chew...then dip then chew.

Happy gum making party.


Mike said...

where do you get your gum making kits?

aarastas said...

Grandma Hudson gave it to Noah...it's the "Scientific Explorer Ultimate Gum Kit"

heidi nielsen said...

Gross. You guys are way too nice =).

Marissa and Blaine said...

What a great idea! Those are awesome pictures of your kids and I love the picture with you and them at the end of the post. Maybe we'll have to try and make gum around here sometime.