Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here are the ice cream pictures from Estes Park. We went to a yummy smelling place that made all their cones and things homemade. We let the kids pick their flavor and of course they had to choose Krazy Kolors! So gross.
Everything started out okay...not too messy.
This is as messy as Noe got. Who knew this kid could stay so clean??
Arwen had a little bit of a harder time than Noah. I guess she just must have loved it a little more!
Doesn't it look so yummy??
And then there was Josh. He must have loved his cone more than ANYONE ever!
Cool how all the colors mixed together and made BLACK ice cream, huh?
Joshua had quite the crowd of people watching him love his ice cream cone. Some thought it was great, but others were clearly disgusted!
One man even asked me if we bought the ice cream just so we could take these pictures. Sure.
Wanna a lick?
I know, pretty much the grossest thing ever! But the kids loved it and I enjoyed my chocolate shake!


Unknown said...

My favorite is the color poop that you get the day after. :)

Kendra Goodrich said...

That ice cream sure looks fun, though I'm right with you, I'd MUCH rather have something chocolate

Mike said...

Colorado was fun. Heidi, the boys and I were glad we could meet up with you if only for a few hours. Heidi and I think Colorado is beautiful. Everything was green. Driving down the freeway I saw a herd of elk and and a herd of big horn sheep. The hills were green and those mountains in the distance just tempting us to come and play. Too bad we only had 3 days there and for two of them I was working. Two things botherd me though about Colorado:
1- I know the winters are not as enjoyable as the summers.
2- The mosquitos.

Meghan said...

They aren't gross, they're funny!

Anonymous said...

I am never eating ice cream again

Anonymous said...

you two always take great pictures. Food coloring is safe to eat . . . right? :-)

sounds like you had a GREAT time in Colorado. Three cheers for grandma Carrot!

Grandma Marshmallow & Grandpa Willie