Tuesday, July 28, 2009

While visiting Denver, we snuck away for a day and ventured up to Trail Ridge Road, which is the highest continuously paved road in the US. It's amazing how it was 100 degrees in Denver, but only in the 50's up at over 12,000 feet! And did I mention it was WINDY!! Noah was scared to death that the wind was going to blow him away. But we had such a fun day, regardless of "almost" losing Noah to the wind.
There were TONS of elk everywhere up there. Noah had a great time screaming out the window to try and wake a sleeping one.

Watch out Noah, I'm pretty sure he didn't want you to wake him from his nap!
Larkin did a good job of trying to keep up with the big kids. After we got cold enough up on Trail Ridge Road, we drove down to a touristy little mountain town called Estes Park. We had lots of fun window shopping and eating lunch there.
We may not have lost Noah to the wind, but we nearly did to that river behind Aaron and Noah there. Noah was playing close to it and ended up getting his legs up to his knees wet. I told him to step back so he wouldn't fall in and then turned to do something. Then I heard Arwen scream that Noah was drowning. Sure enough the current was carrying my sweet boy away. He's so little that he couldn't stop himself. I yelled to Aaron...knowing that he could get him quicker. Aaron quick took off the camera and jumped in and ran down and saved him. Arwen was sobbing hysterically because she was so upset. It was pretty scary!
After Estes Park, and some yummy ice cream cones (pictures of that to come later!) we went to Bear Lake that was in the area. It was beautiful!!
It was maybe a mile around the lake and such a nice walk.

On the way back to Grandma and Grandpa's house Joshua said, "Arwen, if you lost your Noah today, the only thing you'd have left is a Jelly Bean." (Remember how Josh used to call himself Chocolate Factory? Well these days his name is Jelly Bean, or even Jelly Bean Gum.)


Grandma Carrot said...

I love Jelly Bean! :0)

Meghan said...

That is so darn cute, jelly bean! I love those pictures with the Elk. Aaron's clothes are looking pretty sweet. You picking them out Sarah?