Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy Cow!! We had a hot few days here in Portland!! On Saturday, when it got up to 105 degrees, we decided to go to the Gorge to play in the waterfalls. It was so much fun...and made a hot day seem bearable!

Here's little Larkily splashing in the water with her cute little feet.
The kids were so excited to finally get in the water. We looked at a few waterfalls before we got to Onionta Falls...the one that has a gorge full of water you have to walk through to get to the actual waterfall. You have to cross a big pile of logs to get to the waterfall that are pretty tricky to get across. Arwen did so good, though, and between Aaron and me (mostly Aaron) we got all the other kids across too!

Here's Aaron being brave and swimming straight into the waterfall...which he stood under for a while. He's crazy!!! It was pretty darn cold!
Get ready...Get set...

Go!! After Aaron climbed the side and dove into the waterfall, everyone started doing it. It was fun to watch how high people would climb and see them do flips while jumping.
Noah and Josh had a blast throwing rocks into the water...hopefully they didn't hit too many people while I wasn't watching. And there were a TON of people there...I guess because of the hot weather. Usually we are the only ones who go to the back of the gorge. But, I guess we usually go on 60 degree weather days!
Shortly after this picture, Joshua fell asleep in my arms. It was a WORKOUT carrying a dead asleep kid all the way back through the gorge and over the logs. I was pretty impressed with myself that I did it...and didn't slip or drop him!!
Larkily fell asleep too. She just slept in the back pack while we played in the falls.
Arnie found a pretty sweet looking frog sitting right by the sleeping Larkin. When we got home, Bethany brought the cousins over so we could have a campfire...which ended up being hot dogs cooked in the microwave and s'mores made in the oven because it was too stinking hot to cook outside! Such a fun day!


Pricilla said...

oh, that looks so fun!!! It makes me miss Oregon so much. Looks like it was a great day.

Memory said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! I'm jealous...we tried to go to the beach...at 20 mph. We turned around and went to the 90 degree house! Anyway, I REALLY LOVE the picture of Noah. That's a framer. :-)

Danielle said...

that looks awesome! yeah, we were rock climbing that day and i would've given anything to be in that water with you guys, lol. :)

The Thomas Family said...

Talk about some fun pictures! That looked like a blast. What an adventurous family you all are. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW did Arwen find Larkin's prince charming and all Larkin had to do was to wake up and give the beasty a kiss? Or perhaps the frog prince is her guardian and watches over her? Nah, none of that sounds plausable. Alas. What a great place to have close on a super hot day!
love, grandma & grandpa willy

Jen said...

how fun! you guys really are adventurous!