Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aaron's sister Meghan flew in Friday night to spend a week with us! We are so excited to have her!! Saturday morning, we took her to the Beaverton Farmer's Market to enjoy some fresh berries and fruit. Yummy! We had lots of fun. We got some corn on the cob and some mushrooms to make a homemade fungi pasta...so good!

Noah found a pretty flower on the way back to the car...that threw up all over him!
Goofy boy!
After the market, we watched part of the air show and then Aaron took the kids and Meg to go and pick blueberries.
Arnie did more munching than picking...
And the babies slept...making berry picking quite enjoyable! I got to go and volunteer at "The Bite" in Portland all afternoon, which was really fun! Larkin survived without me for over 8 hours! She's getting so big!!

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Anonymous said...

the gorge is perfect on a hot day and picking blueberries looks like so much fun.

grandma marshmallow