Friday, February 08, 2008

Well, I just stumbled across these awesome pictures taken this last weekend. We didn't have enough room in our car for everyone while Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen were visiting, so I decided to stay home and "rest" with Larkin. Too bad I had a funeral for church to plan and didn't get much resting done!! Anyways, Aaron took everyone to Multnomah Gorge.
Arwen can be so darn cute when she wants to be...don't be too deceived though...there's a tantrum always on the brink of erupting in her that you could hear in China!!
This pretty much sums up Noah lately. He's so stinking naughty. He tells these amazing stories...too bad they always have the word "poop" in them at least five times! I'll have to write up his "Gollum pooping in the garden" story later. It kept me in stitches!
Here's good old Grandpa Willy and Noah "Willy" at one of the waterfalls. I swear this was one of the only pictures of Noah NOT sticking out his tongue! I guess his ears sticking out make up for it :)
Arwen and Old Man Willy get along so well...they always spend so much time together when we are all visiting. He wrestles and tickles her to death...which she loves! He spent hours up in Ar's room with just her reading her stories and playing.
We sure do like it when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit!!

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