Friday, February 08, 2008

Noah loves scary stories and movies with witches and monsters. It's all fun and games until you ask him to go and put something away in his room and he FREAKS out because there is "something" up there that will get him! He won't go up until someone turns the light on for him. We have a book that has pictures from all of Tolkien's books. Noah loves to look at Gollum from LOTR. So we tell him stories about him from the book. The other day Noah told me a story about Gollum. Here it is:
"One night I looked out my window and I saw Gollum. He was in the garden (no, we don't have a garden!!) and he was pooping in the garden. He was pooping in the grass, in the garden. Yeah, he was pooping in the garden. In the grass, in the garden. Then he climbed on the house. He pooped on the roof. Then he climbed in my window and ate Shosh. (That's how he says "Josh.") THEN he ate Larkin and Mama and Daddy and Arwen. Then he GRANDMA 'DELL...Oh No!!" (She was Noah's old nursery leader.
Quite the story, huh? It was so funny up till stinking Gollum ate Shosh. Noah is glad that Shosh lives on the bottom bunk so that the monsters under the bed will eat him first.
Quite the vivid imagination, wouldn't you say!

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Jen said...

well, after looking at that picture, I too would assume there would be 'pooping' going on! Great Story Noah!