Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We had lots of fun playing outdoors in the beautiful weather. When we got back to Oregon, it was below freezing! We didn't even need coats at Grandma's house!
There were always a couple of dogs running around that the kids had a blast playing with. Here's Noah with Lilly, Meghan's new puppy. The kids loved Lilly, who was a sweet little puppy who didn't nip at them, which they appreciated!
Aunt Bethany built the kids a "house" out of leaves. It had a room for everyone. It was so cute. The little ones also had fun throwing the leaves in the air. Sweet little Noah liked to pick Grandma's pretty purple flowers. Later on, Arwen got a hold of them and "married Josh."

Uncle Josh has a really fun rope swing that the kids love! Here's Arwen at the TOP of the ladder. She was so brave. I remember trying to go off this swing when I was pregnant with Joshua and it scared me to death! Here she goes! What a silly, sweet girl!


Jen said...

I LOVE that last picture of Arwen! I would totally frame that one!

Bethany said...

We had SOOOOO much fun with you guys! Evan gets excited every time he sees a picture of Arwen. You guys got some great pictures.