Monday, October 29, 2007

We have had some dry sunny weather for the last few days. All the leaves were dry enough to play in. The kids had a blast getting lost in the huge pile!
Joshua had so much fun! He loved to go down the slide, right into the leaves.

Arwen thought the leaves were great until....she realized there were slugs in them. She got one stuck to her hand. She told me that that was the grossest day of her life!
Good old Noah always trying to beat things with sticks!


Bethany said...

We were walking around today and as we crunched in the leaves in the gutter I was thinking how excited I am to have a tree in my backyard. I love playing in the leaves. We use to make these very elaborate leaf houses (we'd create a floorplan with rows of the leaves). I wish we could have been there to jump in your fun pile! Maybe we can find one when you guys come down for Thanksgiving. so excited!

Pricilla said...

Cute pictures. Good old Arwen with all the drama. Girls really have that built in don't they? Eden thinks the world is ending about 5 times a day lately. Love the Noah pic with the suckers! Thats a great one for the scrapbook.

Jen said...

EW! SLUGS? Arwen's my kind of girl!