Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We had so much fun last night for FHE! Usually I really don't like to carve pumpkins...too messy, you know! But we had tons of fun! I love how they make those little carving knives that are so dull that Noah is still running around with his today and I know he can't hurt anyone with it. The kids really like being able to carve (mangle!!) their own pumpkins. They feel so big!

Joshua was HYSTERICAL last night! He had so much fun taking the guts out of the pumpkin and then putting them back in. At one point, I felt something land and my shoulder and I looked down and saw that I was covered in guts that Josh had thrown at me. I looked up at him and his eyes said, "What are you gonna do about it?" I picked them off and threw them right back. He was SOOO mad at me. It was so funny. Then a few minutes later Arwen got hit in the face with a bunch of guts. What a naughty!
Then after we took all the guts away, he had fun putting the lids on and off the pumpkins. That is until he discovered how delicious raw pumpkin is...go figure! I can't get him to eat cooked food half the time!
Here is Arwen's finished project. Aaron only helped her a tiny bit to make the eyes a little bigger.
This is N0ah's. He's been perfecting it all day with the little carver he has been carrying around. What a super night!


Jen said...

We did that Sunday night! I have to say, I love it how you let your kids do their own! None of those crazy decorations that you can't tell what it's suppossed to be anyways...

Bethany said...

Great job guys! They look super!