Friday, December 15, 2006

Today was Arwen's last ballet lesson. Aaron took time off of work to come. The parents were allowed to come in and watch since it was the last lesson. We are kind of sad because this cute little dance studio is closing. This was the last lesson ever that Arwen will have there. We are looking for a new studio right now. Arwen is such a great ballerina! She smiled for us the whole time and did an awesome job. You should have seen her attempting to skip. It was hysterical. None of the girls could quite get it. She's a natural dancer though--when she's not rolling around on the floor, which she spent a good portion of her time doing!!


Bethany said...

What a little princess. I love little girls in pink tu-tus. She'll have to show us some of her moves.

Meghan said...

She is so adorable! I love her hair and I love that she's a ballerina like her momma! I wish my daughters had a chance for dance, i'm so not felxible!