Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hello everybody! We've had a fun weekend thus far. Friday night we made Aaron come home early so he could open his birthday presents--we just couldn't wait! Then we went over to some friends' house for a potluck and had yummy chicken. Noah even ate some. He ran around with his half gnawed on piece of chicken growling, "Animal!" to everyone. Silly boy. Then we went to our friends the Dickenson's house to play games. It was really fun! Saturday we met up with lots of families and went to the Zoo. We lasted there almost 4 hours I think--that's a record for us! We saw parts of the Zoo that we didn't even know existed! There is a really cool section devoted to native Oregon wildlife. It was neat. Then of course we rode the train. It was a great day! Arwen and I went to the mall to do some shopping for a baby gift. We had lots of fun and spent too much money! (We'll get that off to you sometime soon Jen!!) We are celebrating Aaron's birthday a few different days this week. Tomorrow we are going to make him his yummy dinner. Tuesday we will buy him LOST and have lots of fun episodes to watch! Wednesday we will make him cupcakes to bring to Young Men's so they can help him celebrate. Then on Saturday I've planned a big 12 mile hike that we'll do in the Gorge. Some friends and their babies will go with us. (We're leaving Ar and Noah at home with a sitter. Yea!!) It should be fun!

I asked Arwen to go and get me Noah's tennis shoes. She looked at me and said, "Tennis shoes? But Noah doesn't even play tennis."
We went and had lunch with Aaron and he had some chili. The chili had these beans that were the size of Joshua's ears. They were huge. Arwen saw them and said in this cute, sweet, very serious voice, "Those are awfully large beans, Daddy."
Arwen found this dried stick and dug a hole in the front yard and planted it. She named it Bee Bee. Noah pulled it out the other day and I swear you could hear Arwen 50 miles away. "BEE BEE!!!! BEE BEE!!!!!" She was so mad!
Noah loved the beans from Aaron's lunch. He would wave them on his fork in front of Arwen's face and growl. Arwen freaked out. It was so funny to watch him pester her.
We were in the family room and heard this noise like someone was pouring water on the carpet. Me and Arwen figured out what it was at the same time, but she yelled what it was first. "Noah is peeing on the carpet!!" He had taken off his diaper. I didn't know this because he had on a new shirt that was too big and hid his bare little bum.
Noah can count to ten. I didn't teach him, but have heard him do it multiple times. Thanks Sesame Street!


Jen said...

Fun weekend! I also bought you guys something fun this weekend. I will get it off to you on Tuesday! I can't believe how beautiful Arwen is! Can you believe how fast they grow up? Kyle starts first grade Tuesday! CRAZY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arwen is so adorable, baby model!

Bethany said...

Arwen is far more stylish than I am or ever will be. Happy Birthday week Aaron!

Pricilla said...

Wow Noah is so flexible. What a goof!

Jen said...

I still can't get over how much Josh looks like you, Sarah!

Jen said...

I love when our kids learn without us! Kristin knows the whole alphabet and sings it constantly! She didn't learn it from Jake! :) Kristin reminds me a ton of Arwen. Even the dirty looks are the same! :)