Friday, July 13, 2012

Adventure Time With Dad And The Kids

You know how Father and Son's camp-outs are just an excuse for Mother Daughter Night.  Well Girls Camp is just an excuse for Dad's Adventure Time.
Poor Arwen was sick all week with a fever so we took it a little easier than we normally would have, staying close to home.

Look how long that little girl's hair is getting.  We had lots of fun in the backyard playing on the trampoline and having Lulu's backyard friend over to play.

Rose Garden - Joshua and Noah love to hind behind things for pictures.  If it's not some treasure they are holding to show the camera is something else.

Little Brave Noah showing off his sponge-bobs.

Japanese Garden - Arwen was freezing on a hot day with her fever.  Noah went to join her in the sun.

We took the shuttle up to the Japanese Garden for fun and walked back down.

We then went to the park, and amazingly Larkin, who didn't have enough energy to take another step, was all over the place.  I spread out the picnic blanket and Arwen cured up in it and napped.  Her medicine had worn off, poor little girl.

Noah and I built a Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher with a little help from the other kids.  We gave it a test run in the back yard and soon realized that we needed a lot more space.  We pumped it up to 40psi and the kids pulled the trigger.  BAM!  That bottle flew so high it startled us.  Only through luck did it float back down into our yard.  We then headed off for the field behind the Church.  We hit 100psi for Joshua who just wanted to go to 120psi after that.

 The kids had a blast getting sprayed by the water when they pulled the trigger.

Try as I might I could not capture the bottle mid flight.  Here you see the last puff of water from the 2L bottle.  The bottle is way way above the shot.  One of these days I'll get lucky with the timing and catch the bottle.

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