Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lulu's Cital

Larkin's First Dance Recital:  Christmas in Hawaii
Larkin had lot's of different outfits...hmmm just like every day at home.

She had a hard time because she didn't like the bracelet on her hand.  She said it was too big.  So what did she do?  She moped the rest of the recital.  (actually, these are pics from rehearsal.  We filmed the recital.  She did awesome at the recital...hardly any moping and lots of paused dancing to run and give mom and dad high 5's!  The best was when she glared at at little boy in the audience who was being distracting.) 
There was a whole dance with just twirls.  But my favorite was when she did the hula and shook her little hips like a mad woman.  So stinking cute!  
At the end of the recital, Miss Heidi, Larkin's teacher gave a card a candy cane to each girl.  She then spent a couple of minutes explaining why each girl was special.  Some girls had great dance moves and learned a ton.  Then there was Larkin.  She said, "Larkin is spunky."  For all you moms out there with "spunky" know what this means really.  Yes...NAUGHTY.  I loved it!  The week before the recital, Larkin got put on a timeout for squeezing someone's arm and then putting her hands around her neck.  When asked what she was doing, she said she was giving a hug.  Let's hope that was true and that Miss Heidi mistook the alleged "hug" for strangling!  I'm not sure Larkin will ever be a prima ballerina, but she sure loves it.


Meghan said...

These pictures are priceless! I love her outfits and her new haircut is sooo soo cute! Naughty lil larky ha ha

heidi nielsen said...

Cute cute! Austin got kicked out of primary a couple of weeks ago for strangling a classmate. Ah, those "spunky" kids. What can ya do?