Sunday, October 02, 2011


Noah has been working on the duck sculpture for days.  I don't think I got it's best angle. It was pretty impressive.   I asked Noah how long it took him to make it and to tell us a little about it.  His reply:

 "Three days, three days.  I gave it a special feature.  It's wings and it's nostrils, and it has fur.  And if you're Grandma and Grandpa and your listening to this, it's Noah Nielsen's."

Somehow everything we thought we planted this year was actually tomatoes.  I have a suspicion that we actually planted other stuff but seeds from last years wind fall tomatoes took over.   Larkin has been loving it.  She eats tomatoes like candy.  Here's a yellow/red tomato soup I built.  Perhaps next time I'll consult an actual recipe but Sarah said it was really good.   

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Meghan said...

thats gorgeous! I didn't even think of making it sepparate like that! I'm going to have to next time i'm at moms! Love it!