Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Aaron's birthday fell on Labor day this year so we went up to the Mount Hood area to play.  We decided to go to Little Crater Lake.  So we packed up snacks, water, dropped by the store to get 3 pairs of new tennis shoes and then set off!

The kids really liked this fallen tree and played on it for a long time on the way to the lake.
Larkin pretending to be so awfully sweet!
We told the kids to sit down and be quiet so we could all listen to the sounds of nature.  They weren't very good at it :)
Larkin and Josh went off by themselves and were pointing out all the shapes they saw in the sky.  Larkin saw lots of babies and Josh saw little animals.  It was funny though, because when I looked up, I didn't even see any clouds.  Silly kids.
The water was an amazing color!  There was nothing living in just had a bunch of trees that had fallen down.
The kids (mostly Joshua) told me that this hike to the this lake with a whale in it (huh??) was totally lame. 
 Smiles all around, despite the lameness of it all!
The water was so beautiful!  The kids just wanted to throw rocks in.  Larkin even put part of herself in it.

Overall, it was a really fun time.  It wasn't much of a hike, so much as a drive to a pretty lake.  We went to Timberline lodge after that and then out for dinner...which was like out of the Twilight Zone...but more on that later.


Meghan said...

I've been facebooking too much, I wanted to "like" this post! Oh man, but I do like it! The pictures, the lake, all vert beautiful!

Marissa and Blaine said...

Your family is so stinking cute! Sounds like the outing was a blast!