Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was a blast...like always! Arwen decided that she wanted to be a witch..again, so woo hoo for not having to buy her a new costume! She had a pretty silly little cackle that she did over and over again! And she'd say, "I'm a wicked witch," in a high, crackly voice! Silly girl! I'll put up the pictures of the other three kidlets as soon as Aaron has them ready.


Grandma Carrot said...

Arwen...that is a cool witch costume....very shiny and lots of sparkle! Sometime, you'll have to call me and use your witches voice!
If you had come to my door, I would have given you ALL my candy, you scarey witch! LOL

Marsha said...

with an outfit THAT adorable - who needs a new one. I want to hear Arwen's cackle. I'm not complaining about no trick or treaters anymore but it would help if we had some. Now just Gramps and I eat all the candy. whohahahaha

Meghan said...