Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's been a long time since I have blogged about what the kids are up to these days...probably because we haven't taken too many pictures and the ones we do have are no good! Oh well...hopefully when it gets warmer outside we'll have some better photos! We did snap a few of Larkin on Sunday right before church. This is her new Easter dress...and I just L-O-V-E her in it!!

  • Is so FEISTY!!
  • Can scream louder than any 1 year old I know...and it's not a cute, pretty scream!
  • Has a constant rash on her face...not cause she's a dirty kid, but because she has allergies.
  • Is as clumsy as her siblings. She spends more time on her face than on her little toes!
  • Is tinny tiny!
  • Is still pretty much bald...people always ask me how old my little boy is. I try to make her wear bows, but she pulls them out and throws them when I am not looking!
  • Loves shoes. I got her a little pair of pink Mary Jane Crocs...but it will be a few months before they fit her.
  • Will scream until she gets what she wants...she can scream for a LONG time!
  • Is REALLY allergic to milk...which is proving to be tricky since EVERYTHING has milk in it.
  • Gives the best hugs and kisses when she is in the mood...which is hardly ever!
  • Talks up a storm. Her most used words are OW (remember she is clumsy!), Uh Oh, NO NO NO, Ba Ba (for her sippy of rice milk), I did it (she says this EVERYTIME she throws her blankey on the ground in the car...drives me crazy!!), and lots others.
  • Is a very affectionate little Mama to her soft little baby dolls. It is sooo cute!
  • Thinks it's so cute when she is so awfully naughty!


Grandma Carrot said...

She looks just like a pixie elf! How cute...you'll never be able to say that she was a "boring baby"

Meghan said...

She looks so darn adorable! How is her walking coming along?

Anonymous said...

People used to ask mom the same thing about me (even when I had a dress and bows) so she seems to have gotten the Nielsen hair gene. Don't worry, if she really has the gene it will go away at puberty (ah yes, I remember being bald) and my friend is allergic to milk so I'll get some info from him (will be a bit hard though...he is in the MTC) they do have non dairy ice cream if she ever wants some and none dairy (and non wheat) bread. Other things without dairy include some of the Nature valley granola bars (put them in rice milk and they are very yummy) rice cakes (they have other things wrong with them) and your best bet regarding foods is that if it doesn't have wheat in it, it will likely not have dairy. Cool whip is non dairy as well

Anonymous said...

So GREEN for St. Patty's day. Be sure and serve the corned beef and cabbage :-) Larkin is so beautiful

love, Granny Nielsen

Anonymous said...

oh and thank heavens you nursed her. That gave her a big huge boost over soy or rice milk from birth. You're awesome, Sarah!

granny Nielsen