Thursday, February 19, 2009

On a day off of school, me and the kids went on a trip to the coast to hunt agates with Bethany and the cousins. Bethany showed us a great agate hunting beach called Oceanside Beach. We had so much fun and found so many agates that we brought Aaron back that same Saturday...not that he's in any pictures though...sorry Aaron!!
Sticks are a must when you are never know what needs a good poking...maybe even your baby sister!

We had beautiful weather...lots of sun with a little wind. The poor kids froze because they insisted on going in up to their knees in the water.
I love this picture of Joshua. What a mope out on a rock in the middle of the water with the waves rushing in. He is wearing the same winter hat that I wore when I was in kindergarten! I love it. He wore it the ENTIRE day because Aaron told him it was a train conductor hat.
You'd think they really were best friends...but really, they are just AMAZING actors!
Here's the coolest picture ever of Joshua. Watch out for the scary train conductor!!


Memory said...

I can't talk about anything but the picture of you in the red hat! Hello! You look gorgeous! Nothing new, I realize, but seriously, that is a really great picture of you!

AmyB said...

You are beautiful and a great Mom. If my kids have a day off of school I just let them run around and play outside. Maybe I should be more creative like you :)

Grandma Carrot said...

Oh man...that hat brings back memories! How cute!