Monday, February 26, 2007

Aaron and I decided that the kids watch too much aren't allowed to watch it anymore during the week. And, they are only allowed to watch one movie on Saturday. As you might imagine, it's been hardest for me! I have to be so creative now. Arwen and Noah fight like cats and dogs if I don't have something planned for them to do every minute of the day. Anyways, we decided to build a fort under the kitchen table. The kids had so much fun in it! They read books, and played under it most of the day. I was reading the kids Harry Potter after lunch, and Noah snuck away and this is where I found him, fast asleep! No TV is going well, but boy does my house get unbelievably messy!


Meghan said...

That is so darn cute, I want to build a fort, so much fun!

Jen said...

Good for you! Easy for Dad's to do, since they're gone all day! Sorry Aaron, but it's true! I commend you guys! We too have totally cut down TV time! IT'S GREAT! Suggestion for the messy house, give the kids lysol wipes! They will clean everything! I swear, it's my kids favorite thing to do!