Sunday, June 19, 2005

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a good week. Nothing too noteworthy of to write about though. Arwen loves to go out in the backyard by herself now and climb up on the trampoline and play. I got to go to a cooking class which was really fun. (Marsha I have lots of ideas to use for your pots and pans that I’ll show you when I get there.) Church was good. One of our home teachers is a priest about to go on his mission. Arwen saw him today and told me that she loves him. So then in the middle o! f the high council speaker she ran over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. She’s such a flirt—man are we gonna have problems!!

In all three bathrooms in our house there is a stool or laundry basket pushed up against the counter. Arwen loves to go and look at herself in the mirror and admire herself when she has just had her hair fixed.
Arwen played with a little girl her age this week. She kept calling her Bar B Que. I don’t know why.
Arwen was mad at me because I picked her up from her friends house after I got done with Valiant Girls. She was crying in her car seat and said, “I just want to run away sometimes. I run and you chase me and then I cry.” I asked where she would go and she said, “I just go to my friends house.”
Me and Arwen were at Old Navy and Arwen found a little puppy that had his tongue sticking out. She kept licking me with it. Then she turned around and made the puppy lick the butt of the man behind us. Nice Arwen.

Noah had a big week. First he started doing this weird thing. He bares his teeth and breathes out of his teeth—kind of like he is hissing like a dragon. He does it when he eats. I was doing it once when he wasn’t and then he mimicked me. Yea Noah!!
He knew it was Father’s Day I am sure and started saying, “ Da Da” this week.
It’s pretty safe to say that Noah is a sitter now. He still wobbles and falls a lot, but he can do it for a while.
When we say Yea Noah! Noah will clap.

Love, NASA.

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